Ways to play


Other ways to play

SPEED CHEESE  (1-10+ players, each player has their own set)

OBJECT: Be the 1st player to complete your individual WHEEL OF CHEESE.

    Each player needs their own set of Diced Cheese. Someone yells "Go" and everyone starts rolling at the same time.  Each player is trying to complete their individual wheel of cheese faster than the others.  Same rules as above, except if you end up with all NO GOUDA's, you must start over and re-roll ALL 8 pieces until someone completes the wheel. First person to complete the WHEEL OF CHEESE wins.

TOWERS OF EIGHT (1-45 players)

 OBJECT: To roll all 8 LEANING TOWERS OF CHEESAs (L.T.O.C.) in the least amount of rolls. 

    Everyone gets their own set of Diced Cheese. Someone yells "Go" and everyone starts rolling to get all 8 into L.T.O.C. before anyone else. Set aside all L.T.O.C. Re-roll all non L.T.O.C. Playing by yourself? Count your rolls until you have all 8 L.T.O.C. Currently the world record is 6 rolls!

CHEESE ALL THAT (1-6 players)

OBJECT: Roll all the Diced Cheese in numerical order

    Someone starts by rolling all 8 pieces of cheese. If a player rolls a piece with only one complete hole on top (there are only two pieces), set it aside and re-roll the rest of the pieces. You can roll multiple numbers in one roll.

Player continues to roll if they roll the next number needed ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Use any LEANING TOWER OF CHEESAs to re-roll the remaining cheese if the number isn’t rolled on that turn. Play goes to the next person on the left if you can’t roll 1-6. Playing by yourself? See how many times it takes to roll 1-6. 

Note: A number of holes is only complete circular holes, look close and count, we did.